I'm really glad you're here!


I'm Ruth.

A coach, writer, workshop leader and artist. I'm dedicated to helping you become the person you want to be.


I'm a born and raised Irish girl. I now live and work in Ireland and in Germany. I studied Communications Design in Kiel and afterwards I worked as an illustrator and a designer.


In 2003/4 I absolved the Journey Practitioner program with Brandon Bays. This gave me the tools and practice to help my clients push beyond the limits of outmoded patterns to access their highest power, impact and healing.


I've developed Authentic Woman Coaching, in which I focus on life-changing opportunities, the role of health and self-worth, female authenticity and connection to your authentic voice and intuition.

I support women who are striving to feel good in their body, their life and their work, who are ready to move through change in their life, remembering and connecting again to their sacred nature and innate wisdom.


I am dedicated to the movement of the awakening and rising feminine. I do my best to live my embodied truth and aid others in connecting with their medicine. This includes freeing your voice, standing in your value, and moving towards sacred unity in this world.


Drawing from over 20 years as  a coach, I know that dis-ease and our deep emotions are an invitation to deeper inquiry and a re-membering of ourselves to who we really are. When we find the courage to look closely and inhabit our whole self, meaning, joy and coming home to our highest purpose become abundantly available.


I offer coaching, online courses and have several books on offer. You can get started here.