Woman Rise and Shine

- a guide for women who want to be themselves


This book helps you develop a deeper relationship with yourself and step into the woman you are.

It's a fantastic way to connect with the only voice that matters... YOURS!


The true nature of women is the innate energy of creativity, genius and love of the divine female, which connects all of life. The world in which we are competing for survival and for the rights of women is giving way to one in which interconnectedness and compassion for each other is important.


Be a part of it!


This book contains ways to transform into the woman you are supposed to be. It contains

  • the knowledge that we don't need anything special, nor does anything big have to take place to be yourself,

  • many easy transforming exercises,

  • advice for better self-care and a healthier life,

  • information about the importance of community,

  • encouragement to shine as the woman you are,

  • beautiful practices to continue.


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The Companion workbook for Woman Rise and Shine is now available!

Flown the Coop

- a guide to dealing with transition when the kids leave home

When the kids leave home, change is inevitable. Whether prepared for it or not, parents enter a new phase in their life.

This book

  • explores aspects of parenting, especially this stage of transition,

  • helps you to understand the change you go through,

  • takes a look at what may happen and how to deal with it,

  • sees transition from the childrens' perspective too,

  • encourages and invites you to move easily through your own transition


The author tells about her own experience, as well as that of many other parents. This book tackles your own doubts, fears and worries, and gently supports and guides you through your own transition.


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The Companion workbook to Flown the Coop is now available!

Snotme - The Unicorn who thought he wasn't a Unicorn

A picture book for children aged 3 - 7.


This is a delightful children's book about a unicorn who thought he was no unicorn, with a powerful message about self-worth.

It's great for a bedtime story and with wonderful illustrations, it's a must for all children who love horses.

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Also available in German: Ichnich


A picture book for children aged 3 - 7.


This is a story about Nuffin Land, where the people aren't allowed, by order of the Queen, to show their emotions. No-one there can tell you what they feel, they don't know what they feel. It's all just nuffin … until one day a visitor comes. And things change.


Nuffin” is a beautifully illustrated book with

lots of pictures of countenances, which help any child understand the importance of expressing their feelings.

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Auf Deutsch: Nix

About the author

Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen is a communication designer, a Journey Practitioner, a coach, an artist and an author. She has coached thousands of people one-on-one and in workshops, most of them women, helping them to evolve, empower and express themselves in their own authentic way.


Her first book was published in 2000 with the Ch. Falk Verlag in Germany (Die Lehren der Engel).


She is from Ireland and lives in the north of Germany.