Authentic Woman Coaching

You may have heard the Dalai Lama's declaration a few years back that "The world will be saved by the Western woman."


Millions of women are feeling the impulse to unlock their creativity, vision and voice. I have a mission to help at least10 000 women reconnect to their authenticity, because these women are needed in the world at the present time.


Jane Goodall said: "We can not get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make."

For the past 50-some years, women have been mastering a logical, linear, masculine power system that has allowed us to create things at an unprecedented rate. But as useful as that power system is, it can't create the things our hearts and souls are aching for, such as the potential to…
- Become authentic, confident, visible and seen
- Create Intimate, loving growth oriented partnerships
- Discover your gifts and greatness
- Expand your prosperity in ways that are aligned with your values
- Connect with your inner compass and access your intuition
- Unlock your creativity
- Impact the world with your gifts

All of these potentials require Feminine Authenticity to bring them forth. If we want new paradigms. then we have to be the ones to create them. it’s my purpose to lovingly help you remember who you truly are. AND your presence is needed NOW!

In working with hundreds of women, I have encountered The 7 steps to rebirth yourself into Feminine Authenticity. These are:
1. The permission to be you
2. Clear out your beliefs
3. Heal your mother wound
4. Connect to your intuition and instinct
5. Dive deep into your essence
6. Find your voice
7. Find your drumbeat

My message to women who are on the same path as I was, is that finding your authentic feminine essence means a change for the better in your life. You will feel more at ease with yourself and in your body. You will know what you want. You will stand strong as the woman you are. You will connect to your intuition and find your unique voice.


It's not about getting something. It's about letting go of things to become yourself. And it's easy!

1. Permission to be you
Real authenticity can begin when you allow yourself to receive permission to be yourself with all of your imperfections, your awesomeness, your talents, that which you feel you need to say and be. When you are aware of the stories which hold you back from living your authentic self, you will honour your female intelligence and build more self-confidence.

2. Clear out your beliefs
As children we learn from our role models, and automatically take on the beliefs of our family, our society, our religion and our country at a cellular level. Some of these beliefs don't suit us any more and cause us to feel blocked in ways we don't understand. Beliefs can cause self-doubt, as we often don't understand why we can't act the way we want to. Clearing these beliefs offers us the opportunity for personal growth, including more confidence in your choices and preferences, and doing what you want to do.

3. Heal your mother wound
There’s a lot of talk these days about "being an empowered woman" and "embodying the Divine Feminine." But the reality is that we cannot be truly empowered if we have not yet addressed the places within us where we have felt banished and in exile from the Feminine. The mother wound holds our most deeply internalized limitations because these limiting beliefs were fused with our needs for love, safety and belonging, our most powerful needs as humans. By examining one of THE most significant relationships of your life, you can gain the necessary self-knowledge you need to actualize your highest destiny in this life. As a woman living in the 21st century, we can't afford to put this off. Whatever we don't make conscious will direct our lives.

Healing the mother wound will help us to reconnect to sisterhood.

4. Connect to your intuition and your instinct
It's time to call on your intuition ans instinct. Women are highly instinctive and highly tuned to what's real for her. Intuition is our capacity to see and to know. Instinct is our connection to nature.
Connecting with your inner world helps you gain access to your inner knowing and intuitive wisdom. From this place you will find your qualities and the gifts you have to offer to the world. My work as a channel has helped me to guide others into their own  intuition.

5.Dive deep into your essence
The feminine, our intuition, our connection to the unseen and to the Earth, our gifts, our magic and our power have been feared for a long time. The core essence of your being is powerful and
unlimited. I can help you dive into the core of your being and remain in contact with your essence – a place you will always have access to. You do also now have access, you have just forgotten!
Women are emotional beings. It's normal to be emotional. Yet we often get stuck in emotions like anger, sadness, fear, shame, resentment, or jealousy, to name but a few. You may have gotten
used to static comfort zones which hold you back. Most of us are used to having pseudo protective armour around us to protect us from even more hurt. Emotions are the door to our soul. We spend
much of our lives trying to avoid our own emotions, whether it is through the food we eat, social media, or even yoga. There is no need to either push them away, make a drama or resist them. In my work as a Journey Practitioner I have learnt to gently guide people down through their emotional layers into freedom. This is liberating and life-changing.

6. Find your authentic voice
We were told to be quiet. To be small. To stay digestible. To blend in, back off and back down. To be seen and not heard. To put others first and serve ourselves last. We’re told to cut off from
ourselves and our sacred voices. As feminine beings, most of us have an extremely high expectation on ourselves. We also have a strong inner critic. As young women we were raised not to think of ourselves. Every message we got growing up taught us that our value lies in who we are to other people.
Women have been put down for centuries. Even though we know we have a voice to speak our truth, there may be unconscious issues holding us back. We can get to the core problem of this, so
that you can find your authentic voice and take full leadership of your life, especially your career.

7. Find the rhythm of your drumbeat
Every woman has her own special rhythm. The greatest pain we have is the thought that we are separated from everyone and everything around us. We're not. When a woman finds her own
drumbeat and what makes her heart sing, she can move with lightness and grace to accomplish what she desires. She will feel more in tune with herself and connected to everything around her.

II've seen this work literally transform women's lives and it's breathtaking. Women who’ve gone through this training have reported incredible improvements in their confidence, relationships, health, connection to their gifts, creativity, self-expression, prosperity, and overall happiness. They are successful as women, being their true selves with all that they are.

Your investment in your own sense of worth is the first step to the global healing that we so deeply need.

It would be a privilege for me if you could spend 20 minutes with me in a free consultation, where we will identify your problem, and see what the best help would before you on your personal path.

I also cover all of these steps in my book Woman Rise and

It's time to rise and shine!

No matter what's happening in our lives, we always have
the potential to rise above it. Rising is one powerful
choice away.

What are you waiting for?


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