The Empty Nest Syndrome Coaching

Coaching in English


This is special coaching for parents to help you deal with issues which arise around the transition which takes place when the kids leave home.


Together we will work on the issues you have, as well as taking a look at a future vision for you, if you like.


It would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire.


Free 20 minute consulting, worldwide on skype or telephone.

To book a free 20 minute consultation please click on the link below.

Get the book "Flown the Coop - A Guide to dealing with Transition when the Kids leave Home".


"Ruth exposes her own, often painful, inner journey in Flown the Coop and offers you the reader practical tips on how to cope with the transitional period all parents go through when their children leave home." Brandon Bays Internationally Best-selling Author of The Journey, The Journey for Kids and Freedom Is


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