Being an artist is not an occupation; it is my life, my whole being. I create because I am forced to create.


It comes from deep inside of me and flows through me. There's no option. If I don't do it, it puts my soul into a dilemma, as long as it takes to bring forth a piece of art which wants to be shown.


Art is our one true global language, that knows no nation and favours no race or class. It speaks to our need to reveal, heal and transform. It transcends our ordinary lives and lets us imagine what is possible.


I mainly work with sculptures, installations, picture objects and groups. My art explores feminine and social themes as well as identity, with a fascination for the mundane and everyday things. Household objects as well as things taken out of our daily life are mostly preferred. The occupation with the ordinary in everyday life is a search for the worth which lies beyond the norm. It has to do with our relationship with "immersing ourselves in everyday life"and with the need to escape it, to win some distance and then return to it. The search for meaning in the ordinary mundane is a search for identity, it defines our existence. Each and everyone who sees this art, looks at it with his or her very own preferences, history and interpretations. My motivation is the need to make a meaningfull contribution to people on a social and aesthetic level with my art.


Dr. Gerhard Graulich, Director of the Staatliches Museum Schwerin on my art: "Courageously fingers are being poked into the wounds of what is wrong, stereotyped or unjust, and held there, "


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Bicycle Tyre Art

Japanese Flower

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Nylon Tights Art

Disguised Chair

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Household Objects Art

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