Authentic Woman from the inside out

The privilege of a lifetime is to become the woman you are!


If your life isn't working on the outside, it's because you don't really know who you are on the inside.


When you are unclear about who you are, this ambiguity manifests in your behaviour, in your relationships, in your work, in how you treat yourself and how you allow others to treat you.


Does something feel off in your life but you don't exactly know what it is?

Are you feeling lost?

Do you know you need to make some changes, bot you don't know where to start?

Do you think what you do has no meaning?

Do you have a hard time trusting yourself and making decisions?

Are you not sure about what you want?


The thing is, most women don't have a clue about the truth of who they are. They aren't connected with their authentic-self because they have been wearing masks their entire lives.


Are you ready to tap into your power as an authentic woman?


I deeply believe your life, your purpose, and YOU, are too precious to not live it as an authentic woman.


This course was designed just for you. This 6-week journey will bring you inspiration, a deeper understanding of who you are, and more freedom.


This is specifically designed for soulful women who want to clear the way to rise and shine in their own authenticity. We'll be working from the inside to the outside.


Ruth's course is packed with powerful inspiration, practical explorations with simple exercises to face and break through the barriers keeping you from your own authentic greatness, and healing meditations.


More than ever, the world needs women to be authentic, to rise to their fullest potential as individuals and as a collective.


The time to rise and shine is now!


All you have to do is let me know that you are interested in this course, which will start at in 5th September 2018 (in German on 31st October 2018).

The Course Leader –

Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen


Born in Ireland, and now living and working from the north of Germany, Ruth has been working as a Journey practitioner since 2004. Apart from being an author, an illustrator, and an artist, she lives her authentic life, fiercely committed to guiding her clients to achieve extraordinary results with the use of the Journey method. Her deepest passion is helping women transform their heartaches - low self-esteem, lack of confidence, eating disorders, body confidence and weight issues, fertility, miscarriage, abortion, emotional and health issues, abuse, grief, depression, physical issues, intimacy issues, relationship or family concerns - into an opportunity to reinvent themselves and have new possibilities.

She has been called the Protectoress of Authenticity.


I thought that in order to be happy, I needed to be a different person. But what I've learned from Ruth is that I DON'T need to be a polished version of myself. I just need to be myself!”

Jill, Ireland


"Just hearing your voice Ruth brings me right back to myself!”

Andrea, Hamburg


"Thank you for the wonderful process. I feel that I've let go of a really old issue which has been causing me to feel bad about myself for years and years."

Marie, Lübeck


"I'm so grateful for your work! I feel so exuberant after being with you and my issue has disappeared almost overnight. Yippee!"

Susi, Kiel



A beautiful handout each week with something extra just for you to keep.

A circle of like-minded woman all on the same journey with whom you can connect with.


This is what you will get:

This is a guided, transformational journey to authenticity.


In six modules, one per week, we will dive into different themes, clearing out every block we can find that keeps us small, every bit of negative conditioning that restrains us or keeps us locked in fear or pretence, unravelling the lies that keep us enslaved and reclaiming the essence of our authenticity. We will find ways to fully express ourselves, and truly live from our authenticity.


All the techy stuff is taken out of your hands. You will receive an email each week with a link you just have to click on, which will take you into the course room.


You will also have a beautiful handout with something extra for yourself each week.


And there will be a private area to share and learn from each other throughout the course.


This is an overview of what we will be doing:


Module one:

  • real authenticity within the women's circle,

  • women's cycles,

  • permission to be you.


Module two:

  • graceful confidence by reconnecting to your inner knowing,

  • finding your qualities,

  • our open secrets.


Module three:

  • uncovering your blind spot,

  • clearing out your negative beliefs,

  • self-acceptance.


Module four:

  • emotional mastery,

  • changing fear,

  • finding your authentic voice


Module five:

  • magnetic clarity,

  • the stories that keep us back from living our authentic self,

  • honouring our female intelligence and building self-confidence.


Module six:

  • invincibility,

  • reflection on how we learn from our failures,

  • being and living our authentic self.




These six modules are each worth 180€, making a total of 1080€.

It's all yours for 295€ only.


The risk you take

Absolutely none! If you are not satisfied, within the first 14 days you can have a return of what you have invested.


Life is too short, you just have to be yourself!


You can contact me to let me know that you are interested in this course, which will start in September 2018