Creativity Calling

An online course with 10 Modules by Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen

Feeling stuck?


The reason could be your creative blocks!


Have you ever longed to be able to be creative in all areas of your life, whether at work, in projects, relationships or at home?


Ask yourself, do any of these describe you?

- Do you keep meaning to get creative, but life seems to get in the way?

- Do you need a creative spark to help you with your work?

- Do you need something creative to get on in your work, your life, your relationship?

- Do you think that you're not creative at all... but wish you were?

- Have you been wanting to try your hand at something new?


When you stoke the fire of your creativity, you'll find yourself

- having more fun

- energized from within

- open to infinite new possibilities

- having your life changing for the better


No-one knows what's inside of himself as long as they don't try to let it out!


With this groundbreaking 10-module e-course you can discover what creativity is all about, how to unlock your latent creativity and make your dreams a reality. As a student you will roll up your sleeves for hands-on, interactive self-exploration that will help you to develop a chosen area of your life in a new creative way.


This step-by-step approach enables you to:

- implement creativity to any area in your life you want to apply it to,

- dissolve the blocks that are preventing your creative impulse from finding expression,

- tackle your self-criticism, fear and self-doubts,

- learn that it's never too late to start fulfilling your dreams.


As a Communications Designer, a Journey Practitioner and Radical Healing Coach, Ruth can help you bring out the creative side of yourself to shine!



Creativity Calling

includes 10modules.


Here's just some of what you'll learn in this program with Ruth's guidance:

1. How to find out if you are creative.

2. Find out which area of your life needs more creativity.

3. Learn more about the creative cycle to adapt it into your life.

4. Find out how important the gestation stage is.

5. How to start being creative and what could be holding you back.

6.Find out how to let your creativity flow.

7. Learn about your creative blocks.

8. Discover what new perspectives can do for you and how to implement them.

9. Learn when the best time is to finish something.

10. Find out how to change your life with more creativity.


Do you feel the call?


YES, I do!


This entire program is valued at 250€.

It's yours for only 45€


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