Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland

1979 moved to Germany

1981 - 87 studied Communications Design at the Muthesius Schule, Kiel, Germany

since then freelance as a designer, Illustrator and artist

2003/4 The Journey Practitioner Pregramme with Brandon Bays


Member of the Lübecker Künstler und Bildhauer e.V., GEDOK Schleswig-Holstein, Multiple Art and the International Association of Art (IAA).


I offer workshops, programscoaching and have two books on offer.

I make sculptures, installations and picture objects. After a long time working as an illustrator I now like working hands on with my materials. My art investigates feminine themes and the identification of being a woman, with a fascination for worldly and everyday objects. Household and daily things, especially ladies tights and old bicycle tyres, are what I love using.


The occupation with the trivial and the ordinary in things is a search for the worth which lies beneath them. It's also about diving into the monotony of everyday life, with the need to flee from it, to gain distance and then return to it once again with a new view of it. The search for meaning in the ordinary is a search for identity, it defines our existence. When I tarn something it is diving into a world where inhibitions can be revoked.


My ideas are the most important thing about my art. I make a drawing before I start playing with the chosen material. I always know when a piece is finishes because I start smiling.





- several group exhibitions during the study

- 1984 Kieler Volksbank

- 1985 Forstbaumschule, Kiel

- 1998 Dunkersche Kate, Bosau

- 2009 Art project "Toleranz-Grenze", Pößneck


- Art project for the international Woman's Day in Plön, Bad Segeberg and Preetz

- Festival der Sinne, Bösdorf, Germany

- Rathaus Preetz

- Museumsnacht in Lübeck

- Installation "Hands", Markt der Möglichkeiten, 2nd Politische Kirchentage, Plön

- member's exhibition Kunstkreis Preetz


- Rathaus, Oldenburg on the International Woman's Day

- Spring exhibition, Burg Kloster, Lübeck

- Rathaus, Preetz

- Installation "The Four Elements", Kirchentage Dresden

- Kleine Kunstboutique Plön

- St. Petri Kirche, Lübeck - Action to support the University in Lübeck

- Schuppen 6, Lübeck

- Innovationszentrum, Lübeck

- Park Art, Schloss Clemenswerth, Emsland

- Museumsnacht, Lübeck

- Kulturhaus Remise, Bad Segeberg

- Kesselhaus, Lübeck


- Museumsnacht, Lübeck

- Die Schau der 1000 Bilder, Sparkassen-Arena, Kiel (GEDOK Stand)

- Kunstmesse in the Frauensmuseum, Bonn


- Higher Bridges Gallery, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

- Hafen Schuppen 6, Lübeck (Here is a short film of the opening)

- Museumsnacht Neumünster

- "Erweiterte Sicht", Neumünster

- Jahresschau der Gemeinschaft der Lübecker Künstler in Plön


- Galerie-in-Kiel, Körnerstrasse 31, Kiel

- GEDOK S-H, Hafen Schuppen 6, Lübeck

- Offene Ateliers, Lübeck, GEDOK, An der Hülshorst 1

- Kontraste in Kontraste, Neumünster

- Museumsnacht 2014, "Horizonte". GEDOK Künstlerinnen präsentieren sich

- Schau der 1000 Bilder mit der GEDOK Schleswig-Holstein

- Jahresschau 2014 Lübecker Künstler, Kunsthalle St. Annen, Lübeck

- "Kunstputz", Lübeck

- "30 x 30" - ARTLER, Große Burgstr. 32, Lübeck

- "Auswärts" - Hamburg


- "Werkschau", Jahresschau der GEDOK S-H, Schuppen 6, Lübeck

- "Im Namen der Lippischen Rose", Rathaus am Markt, 32758 Detmold

- Jahresschau 2015 Lübecker Künstler, Schuppen 6, Lübeck

- Kunst Kollektiv, ARTLER, Große Burgstr. 32, Lübeck


- "Frauen.Macht.Politik", Landeshaus Kiel, Fraktion Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

- "Aufgetischt", Schuppen 6,  Lübeck & im Landeshaus Kiel

- Summer Exhibition, Higher Bridges Gallery, Enniskillen, N. Ireland

- Galerie Stexwig "Kunst. Positionen!"

- Jahresschau Lübecker Künstler in der Kunsthalle St. Annen, Lübeck

- Artler, Lübeck, 30 x 30,


- Frauen II im Wasserturm Visselhövede 28. Mai - 2. Juli

- Werkschau der GEDOK Schleswig-Holstein im Hafenschuppen 6, Lübeck, 31. Mai - 11. Juni