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Flown the Coop

A guide to dealing with transition when the kids leave home

"Ruth exposes her own, often painful, inner journey in Flown the Coop and offers you the reader practical tips on how to cope with the transitional period all parents go through when their children leave home." Brandon Bays Internationally Best-selling Author of The Journey, The Journey for Kids and Freedom Is

Now also available as a Companion Workbook, see below!

When the kids leave home, change is inevitable. Whether prepared for it or not, parents enter a new phase in their life.

This book

  • explores aspects of parenting, especially this stage of transition,

  • helps you to understand the change you go through,

  • takes a look at what may happen and how to deal with it,

  • sees transition from the childrens' perspective too,

  • encourages and invites you to move easily through your own transition


The author tells about her own experience, as well as that of many other parents. This book tackles your own doubts, fears and worries, and gently supports and guides you through your own transition.


This book gives an invaluable insight into all that can happen when our children ‘fly the coop’ written from the heart, from first hand experience, from the pain, the reality and the truth from what was, to what is, to what can be!

We are taken gently and with exquisite compassion thru’ the steps of transition and given practical suggestions and examples to guide us and bring us the freedom to revel in who we are! now! at this moment in our lives!

We can truly acknowledge and ultimately celebrate ourselves – with all the discovered aspects of what new directions we might take, what we can achieve, what we can change and how we can bring about those changes – we are shown the glorious possibilities of choice!“

Tricia Hudson

Holistic Therapy Practitioner


Very authentically and movingly written. Words full of WISDOM and a worthy companion for all parents whose children have also just left home.”

Romana Cetin


"All parents should read this book!"




Available as a paperback here.

Flown the Coop: A Guide to Dealing with Transition when the Kids leave Home

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This workbook is for you to explore your own aspects of transition.
It will help you to understand the change you're going through, showing you different problems which may be blocking you from stepping on in your life. You will create a new vision for your future.

In this book, you will be gently supported and guided in your own journey.


Available here as a paperback

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