A wonderful picture book with a powerful message for children aged 3-7.

Available as an ebook here and a paperback here

Emotions are energy in motion, they come and they go. But most of us haven't learned this. Instead, many of us grow up with concepts and beliefs such as … real Indians don't know any pain, there are good and bad emotions, emotions are dangerous, you shouldn't show any emotions, etc. On top of that we have experienced other people, who haven't been able to let their feelings out in a healthy manner. All this has resulted in the fact that we suppress our feelings or don't even know how we can access them.


This unhealthy behavioral pattern usually always starts when we are young. Most grown-ups are great at suppressing how they feel, putting a lid on their emotions, pushing them aside and not allowing ourselves to truly feel our emotions. If we observe young children, they are okay with their feelings – they can be angry one moment, sad the next and then they start laughing again the next minute. That's much healthier.


My work as a Journey Practitioner inspired me to write Nuffin. It helps children access any feelings which have been stuffed down and pushed aside. It's more than just a book for children. It contains a little process you can easily do with any child. And it is packed into a story about Nuffin Land, where the people aren't allowed, by order of the Queen, to show their emotions. No-one there can tell you what they feel, they don't know what they feel. It's all just "nuffin". At least, until one day a visitor comes. And things change.


It's so important for us to be open to our feelings and to be able to express them. It stands well for all situations which may develop over the course of a lifetime, which is true freedom for me.


Nuffin” is a beautifully illustrated book with lots of pictures of countenances, which will help children understand the importance of expressing their feelings


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