Snotme - The Unicorn who thought he wasn't a Unicorn

Snotme - a picture book for children aged 3 - 7.


"If you would ask me how I would communicate the most important worldly wisdom to a child, which it will never forget, then I would just recommend this beautiful book - Snotme - from Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen to you!"

Stefan T


"What a delight."

Wendy H-D


Available as an ebook or paperback on amazon


Thers was once a unicorn called Snotme.

Unicorns are not only very rare, they are also magical, unique and original.

Snotme grew up with lots of unicorns, they were his family. And they were all very special.

Snotme never really thought that he was special. Come along and find out why he was given this name.

This is a delightful book with a powerful message about self-worth.

It's great as a bedtime story and with wonderful illustrations, it's a must for all children who love horses.


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